The Wedding Toasters

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“A BIG thank you to “Daisy & The Wedding Toasters” for their Bandeoke performance raising money for No Limits. The event was a great success with so many people joining in the singing, dancing and fun. The band were really professional, helping members of the audience who sang and performing brilliantly themselves.”



“What an exceptional idea the Bandeoke was with Daisy and the Wedding Toasters. It was exciting to be able to get up and sing with a live band. Daisy was an outstanding support to the less able of us and she and the band were totally professional, fun and uber talented. I felt totally at ease getting up and singing as badly as I do. We rocked. Would love to do it again”



“Daisy & The Wedding Toasters did a Bandeoke event for us (No Limits) and we can highly recommend them. The band were enthusiastic, engaging and all very talented. The lead singer had an amazing voice with a great range of ability and she had a great stage presence which made the event work perfectly. I would highly recommend them and would definitely book them for another event.”



“I rocked out on stage with an amazing live band and drank my weight in whiskey… then rocked out to Cher on the way home.”



“Bandeoke was such a fun event that anyone could get involved with. The band were really professional in their performances and with how they interacted with the crowd. We would love to come along to another Daisy & The Wedding Toasters event!”



“Bandeoke was brilliant – the band played a great mix of classics and modern songs that had the whole room dancing. Daisy was so encouraging and supportive of the singers, singing along with them when needed but also knowing when to step back and let them shine!”



Bandeoke, what a genius concept! Not only are Daisy and The Wedding Toasters a fantastic band to go and watch play live but couple this with the opportunity to make a fool out of yourself on stage by singing like you’re in the shower is a recipe for more than your standard night out. The atmosphere is great and the band have a fantastic energy.”



Entertainment Packages

Band Specification
  • 2 x 400w optimized loudspeaker PA system
  • Mixing Desk (Behringer XL1600 Model)
  • Guitar Cort KX5 run through Line 6 POD 2
  • Bass Guitar Squire Fender Precision
  • 5 Piece Mapex Rock Drum Kit
  • 4 x Vocal Microphones
  • 2 x Four –par LED lighting rig
  • 3 x the box MA120 MK11 Speakers

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